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Litha Mango and Gardenia

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Special Edition Litha Candle!

“Litha” is a Coconut Apricot wax candle with notes of Mango, Gardenia, Coconut and Tonka Bean. Inspired by the Pagan holiday where we celebrate the Sun when it is at its peak (also known as the Summer Solstice)  and all the abundance and life it brings. 

Sun Magick Suggestion: It’s a great idea to light this beautifully strong candle and remind yourself that the energy within yourself is growing stronger everyday, just as the Sun does as we head further away from the Winter Solstice and closer to the Summer Solstice. To get outside and ground yourself. To stay grateful and present. To radiate your own light to the world just as the sun does.🌞✨


Candle Care Instructions

  • Be sure the wick is trimmed to 1/4" prior to lighting.
  • Burn the candle for only 4 hours at a time.
  • During the burning process, carbon may naturally build up on the wicks. This is called mushrooming and it is a normal process. If you see this occur, be sure to trim your wick before you re-light your candle. 
  • If you do not trim the wick, the carbon build up can cause excess soot and heat. 


Each item that you purchase from Moon Gangstar Candles is hand made by me, in my home in rural Massachusetts. Because it is handmade you may notice some imperfections such as minor discoloration of the wax and slightly off centered labels. This in no way impacts the quality of the candle.